Military Careers

Military Commitment

Trimac Transportation honors and respects our Service members and Veterans and understands the dedication, motivation, and leadership you demonstrated here and abroad. We are committed to serving you as you transition into our outstanding positions where we will provide you great On the Job Training (OJT) and give you the tools you need to make your next mission successful here at Trimac Transportation.

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Leading Opportunities

All Trimac leaders and aspiring leaders have an understanding for what leadership is and what it does. Trimac’s values influence the leader’s character and professional development, instilling the desire to acquire the essential knowledge to lead.

Our careers range from supervisory front line leaders, management leadership, professional driving, shop maintenance, and industrial careers in our respective regions.

In these positions you can take charge of operating or maintaining equipment in our operating branches as a Trimac Transportation Motor Vehicle Operator, Maintenance Shop Technician, and Leading Administrative positions.  Our positions require diligence, dedication, patience, and focus. Our careers require the capacity to react well to change and ensure that the mission is accomplished each and every day; safely.

Please visit our Motor Transport Path for our professional driving careers.

Career Growth & Flexibility

Career growth and advancement is another commitment we make to being a Preferred Place to Work and it starts with our people.

As you transition with us and are integrated with our respective teams, Trimac Transportation believes in strong team investment. Cross-training means better cooperation among teams to accomplish our overall mission. Sharing skills in any department helps with our shared purpose.



Supporting Spouses

Trimac Transortation understands the tremendous knowledge, skills, and experience that spouses of military Service members can bring as true officers of the deck. We support qualified spouses to bring their talents to the forefront here at Trimac Transportation as positions become available.

While maintaining the home front is vital to any household command, we offer a variety of programs through our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). Our Employee Family Assistance Program can assist the entire family in: Health & Well-Being, Career & Workplace, Financial Security, Legal Difficulties, and Life Events.


Join Our Team

You served our country faithfully, now come join us in serving you and take advantage of your skills and let’s continue serving together.