Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would I want to work for a trucking company?
A. Transportation is a growing industry, and one that is consistently in demand. With more than 65 years of experience in the bulk transportation industry, we employ over 4,000 people across North America. Trimac is a stable and fast-growing organization that utilizes the latest technology and processes. We are proud of our corporate culture, and treat all of our employees with respect and professionalism. And, we also provide excellent career advancement opportunities!

Q. Is Trimac Transportation an industry leader?
A. The Trimac Group of companies is in the business of providing truck transportation, as well as related distribution and management services throughout North America. Founded in 1945, we are North America’s premier provider of services in highway transportation of bulk commodities and third party logistics services through Bulk Plus Logistics.

Q. What does a “Preferred Place to Work” mean?
A. Being a Preferred Place to Work is a strategic Trimac concept that the company works to establish through commitment, structure, and compensation. Our vision statement is: “We, as a Trimac team, and I, take intentional responsibility for creating an environment that supports a Preferred Place to Work. This responsibility will become realized through respect for my fellow team members, commitment to our mission, resourcefulness to meet the challenges, and capitalization on opportunities essential to building a great company.”

Q. What are Trimac’s core values?
A. Safety is Trimac’s most important core value, and is evident in everything we do. It also falls in line with our commitment to being a Preferred Place to Work.  In addition to our focus on safety, Trimac also values respect, integrity, and the ability to listen, understand, and respond to the needs of our customers.

Q. What kind of people do you look for?
A. We hire the very best people who are innovative, good decision makers, natural leaders, and adept at working on any team they join.  We look for energetic, passionate individuals who are ready to make a difference. We want people who are creative, assertive, and continually seeking to make Trimac a better company. If you are interested, please contact us to find out more.

Q. Are there relocation opportunities?
A. Yes. With over 100 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, along with corporate headquarters based in Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas, there are plenty of relocation opportunities if desired. During the interview process, you can discuss current location openings and future preferences. Trimac has many exciting opportunities, and we want you to feel comfortable in the location that you reside in.