Driving School Graduates

Trimac Transportation now has a Commercial Drivers License Tuition Reimbursement Program in the United States.  The program is designed to assist Professional drivers with any out-of-pocket tuition expenses that he/she incurs in the process of attending a Professional Driving School Program. 

Commercial Drivers License
Tuition Reimbursement Program

Program Details:
  • The amount eligible for reimbursement is the total tuition cost incurred (excluding lodging, DOT drug test and Physical, and cost of obtaining CDL), as indicated in the drivers’ proof of payment or promissory note from financial institution financing the loan, up to a maximum of $5,000. 
  • Company will reimburse the driver an amount of $200 per month until the amount of the approved tuition reimbursement has been paid in full or until the driver is no longer employed by the Company. The payments will begin the beginning of the month following the successful completion of Company required training.
  • Reimbursement will only be considered for programs provided through select Commercial Driving Schools approved by the Company.
  • Tuition cost will be reimbursed only if the program successfully completed within six (6) months prior to employment with Trimac Transportation
  • An employee may not be eligible for Trimac’s Commercial Driver’s License Tuition  Reimbursement program if he/she participated in any other tuition reimbursement program, received scholarship or grant money, or received any other similar reimbursement for the same coursework prior to commencement of employment with the Company. Verification of such may be requested or required.
  • Contact Trimac Transportation Recruiting Department for full eligibility details at

Trimac US Training/TLC Video:

The Process:

Review Trimac Transportation’s Approved Driving School List

Trimac Transportation depends on the value that a good driving school curriculum brings to its students. It is the foundation to which all of Trimac Transportation’s training is built upon. For that reason we have a very rigorous safety approval process to which each school must meet in order to be an approved Trimac Transportation driving school.

Review a list of Trimac's approved driving schools.

Apply for a Driving Opportunity 

Now that you have determined that the Professional Driving School you attended is on Trimac’s approved list, take a look at the Trimac driving opportunity that meets your requirements.  Click the link below to see available driving opportunities in your area.  Fill out the online application and a recruiter will reach out to you within 24 business hours to review your application and discuss the opportunity along with logical next steps.

Hiring Process/Orientation

Trimac Transportation strives to create a “first in class” candidate experience for each applicant. With that in mind each candidate is required to engage in a face to face interview at the branch level, road test, followed by next steps.  Each new driver is required to attend Trimac Learning Center (TLC) which is a weeklong paid orientation.  The week starts at your home branch with a 1-day orientation and then leads into TLC Tuesday- Friday.  After TLC you are assigned to a driver coach for additional training that will vary in length by the product line that you have been hired for.  Training pay ranges from $750.00 per week to $1,200.00 (CA pays an hourly rate) based upon the product line that you have been hired for.